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I have always loved drawing and coloring anything from the natural world. As a child, I would cover my notebooks with doodles of flowers and vines and I tried every art supply I could get my hands on, from crayons to pastels.


Now, my favorite media is colored pencils. I like the look that the medium brings – the simplicity and roughness with an emphasis on line and vivid color as the defining field of composition.


Plants, especially flowers, carry a sense of mindfulness to the beholder, whether it is a poetic symbol, a cultural artifact, or a memory. Images of flowers and plants are very meaningful to us and perhaps one the best ways we connect and share our vision of nature with others.


As I create, I am also finding that my art strives to express these ideals in its composition. Often an illustration continues to evolve after I draw and color and I use my computer to help create repeating patterns from my original drawings. Many patterns become my gift and tissue wrap designs; they create a broader meaning as the patterns emerge from the replication of the image in the design.


As my art evolves, so does my vision for LynneZawada and LHZ Artworks. That's why I continue to explore and design nature-inspired stationery: to create joy, find beauty, and peace in nature. I hope those designs inspire you to create, share your own thoughts and designs, and connect the beauty within you and world with others.



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